This year we introduce School trips in PortAventura World! Come with your school and enjoy a stay in the hotels, tickets for PortAventura Park. All these combined with Edulonia’s activities!



Edulònia has more than 80 monitors that from February to June organize activities in our centers. More than monitors they are the heart and soul of Edulònia.

With such big human resources, it’s important that there is a cohesion and a good feeling to be able to work at ease. When you work as a team is when you achieve more and it’s because of that, that we give much importance to our staff.

When the season starts, we do a training week where we can see how they work as a monitor and test them in different challenges and situations, we like to see how they interact and what roles they take in a team.

Our monitors are young university students with a lot of energy, and desire to work and share special moments with the children. They are going to do activities with your students always with the purpose of educating with values as well as spending with them some time full of magic and emotions.

What do we value most in our team?​

  1. Creativity: We can all offer different skills to organize fun and creative activities, crafts, etc.
  2. Motivation: We all have days where we feel more inspired than others when we might be tired, but a team that works together can motivate all their members.
  3. Communication: The team doesn’t exist if they don’t have communication. Now a day this is one of the main problems in teams. Also, it’s important knowing how to communicate with kids, and it’s because of that, that we consider a fundamental aspect when it comes to training our monitors.
  4. Efficiency and effectiveness: When a lot of people is working on the same team, if it’s not well managed, it can be a complete disaster.  However, every morning we performed a meeting where, apart from reporting the day’s activities, tasks are divided to do everything together.
  5. “The sense of belonging”: When you work so intensively, with the same people and you live with them for 5 days a week, without a doubt you create a sense of small community, and we love it. Every season our monitors, many of them returning monitors, get together as one big family.

What the schools say about us?​

Estimations of the season 2017 / 2018
Our monitors 92.6%
Professionalism 92.6%
General assessment of the season 2017 / 2018 90%